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As much as physical health is important here at weCare, we place mental health as a top priority in providing information and free tips to help those struggling. As humans we expereince many seasons filled with different emotions unique to us. It is okay not to be okay.So we wish to stress that if you find yourself going down a dark path here are some reminders:

1) You are NOT alone.

2) Dont be afraid to advocate for yourself.

3) Help is FREE.

4) once again .. IT'S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY!

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Helpful Links:

A website that is geared towards providing free help for those who seek extra psychological support in the form of counseling is Better help

Better Help

A website geared towards providing counseling from a more biblical persepctive for those who are Christians. This website offers help through videos, phone, live chat and messaging.

Faithful Counseling

A website geared towards providing free counseling for teenagers. Teen Counseling

How To Deal With Panic Attacks:

Remain Calm!: Yes, hyperventilating is a symptom of panic attacks however they can increase fear. Try to breathe deeply to reduce these symptoms during an attack. Breathe in through the mouth on a count of four, then breathe out on a count of four.

Recognize you are having a Panic Attack: which is a temporary state that will PASS!

Find an Object to focus on: it can be helpul to find a single object to focus all your attention on during an attack, and carefully note details about it.Describe patterns, color, shape and size to yourself. This can help your panic symptoms to subside.

Picture a Happy Place: this means calling upon memory sensorship to gently relax and calm yourself during an attack.

Tips for People with Social Anxiety:

Social Anxiety is very common, many people experience it. A healthy reminder is to keep in mind that other people are feeling the same way as you.

When you are feeling anxious, take a momnent to try identifying the anxious thoughts in your head and differentiating them from what you actually want.Challenge them by asking questions such as: “What evidence do I have this is true?” and “Is there another explanation for what happened?”.Challenge the thought and instead consider another explanation.

Remind yourself anticipation is worse than reality. Often, our worries about an upcoming situation are worse than the situation itself. If you’re worried about striking up a conversation because you think you’ll have nothing to say, remind yourself that you only have to start with “Hello.”

Cheat Sheet: Before going into an anxiety inducing situation, anticipate what anxious thoughts you may encounter and challenge them on a piece of paper or your phone. When you start to feel nervous, you can look at it to remind you of your thought habits and calm yourslef down. If the thought of this makes you nervous....MAKE IT YOUR SCREENSAVER.

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How To Cope with Anxiety:

Question your thoughts: Often negative thoughts take root in ones mind that are not their own. A way to combat this is by challenging the fears and thoughts that are being replayed in your mind. Ask yourself if they are true; this is a way to take back control.

Go For a Walk: Though unique to each person, sometimes going for a walk can help shift the focus from your mind to your body. Thus, relieving anxiety.

Put Pen to Paper: Writing down your thoughts can be a super affective way to relieve anxiety by writing out what you are feeling and what triggered it.

Aromatherapy: Regardless of what form it is in oil, incense or candles in scents such as lavender,chamomile and sadalwood are often very soothing; and are known to help activate certain receptors in your brain helping easing anxious feelings.

Breathing: Once again, deep breathing is an important factor in relieving anxiety symptoms. As mentioned before in relieving a panic attack breathing in on a count of four and out on a count of four repeating for five minutes is highly beneficial.

How To Keep Motivation:

Set One Goal: Regardless of the slump you are in, you will find that setting a goal in order to focus on completely is a great way to begin feeling motivated. The amount of motivation recieved from completing one goal is rewarding enough that you are sure to accomplish your other goals.

Find inspiration: find something to be passionate about. But dont apply pressure to yourself to find this thing. Helpful areas to pull from are others who have achieved what you wish to achieve or are currently doing it. In this case a role model.

Daily Persistence: Think about it daily the more you think on your goal it is more likely to come into manifestation.Start with making a wallpaper on your computer your goal.

Visualize your Goal: Create a mood board or VISION board! Add alot of pictures and magazine clippings with key words that inspire you. Adding onto this board will not only increase your excitment towards your goal;but it will put into perspective your passions.Thus, everytime you look at your board you are remninded of how far you've come hence, inducing confidence to finish.